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A Free Puzzle and RPG Hybrid

Gems of War is a free-to-play puzzle RPG, developed by Infinity Plus 2 and published by 505 Games. It is considered a spiritual successor to Puzzle Quest and combines classic 'match 3' puzzle gameplay with role-playing elements. Players battle enemies via a puzzle board, where matching gems and skulls serves to power up spells and deal damage to opponents. There are 20 different kingdoms to explore and capture, and the game's card collection features add more depth than with most similar 'gem' games on the market.

Battle against epic bosses or other players

From the creators of Puzzle Quest, play the new Puzzle/RPG/Strategy mash-up, GEMS OF WAR! Battle against epic bosses or other players.

In Gems of War, you battle your foes not just with swords and sorcery, but with a puzzle board! Match gems to power your spells, and match skulls to smite your enemies! Then take the spoils of war, and forge a mighty empire. It’s highly addictive, easy to learn, and filled with crazy combos and tons of depth.

Each Kingdom has quirky new characters to meet, and plenty of quests and battles to keep you occupied. Even better, there’s 15 Kingdoms full of fun (with more coming soon)!

Are you looking for a greater challenge? Maybe Player vs. Player (PvP) combat is your thing. Fight other players in each kingdom, become the champion, then defend your title against the ravening hordes. You can even join a guild and fight alongside your friends!

  • Collect and level-up over 100 different troops and their special spells
  • Discover over 150 Quests, each with a distinctive story
  • Collect all 65 Weapons and their unique spells
  • Rise on the global rankings in asynchronous PvP
  • Team up with others in guilds


  • Easy to pick up and play
  • More depth than other 'gem' games
  • Combines puzzle and RPG elements
  • Syncs across multiple devices


  • AI is occasionally unfair
  • Long wait times at the start of games
  • Some text legibility issues
  • Micro-transactions may not appeal

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Gems of War


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  • rover rover

    by rover rover

    good on ps4 pain to get on pc.
    im playing it on ps4 and like it i kinda want it on my pc but so far im running into prob with steMore

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